In 2009 young entrepreneurs Alan and Steven got the idea to make sustainable fashionable bamboo kitchenware available to everyone, and so, Core Home was born. Since, we have grown tremendously making a name for ourselves in the housewares and kitchenware industries through the establishment of several brands including Core Kitchen, Brooklyn Steel Co., and Manna. Founded on family values, Core Home continues to implement integrity and humility to ensure every employee and partner can always feel at home.


“Core Home is a brand that evolves with the changing needs of our consumers. Our goal has been to revolutionize the housewares industry through the incorporation of aesthetics and sustainability. We were founded on a commitment to bring unique, top-quality products to the housewares market; it's a commitment we are reminded of daily, and constantly try to demonstrate through ingenuity in our products.”


- Alan, President


“Core Home is the manifestation of a journey we began in 2009 to curate fashionable and ecofriendly bamboo kitchenware. Since the success of our first initiative, we have grown immensely. We’ve added so many elements to our breadth of products including cookware, hydration, and unique everyday home accessories. Dedication, humility, and adaptability are what have allowed us to remain at the forefront of sustainability and design, fostering our endless innovation.”


- Steven, CEO