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Core Home Announces Collaboration with Vitamix

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

NEW YORK CITY—The industry-leading housewares company, Core Home, has confirmed their licensing agreement with luxury blender manufacturer Vitamix. The collaboration will establish a unique line of deluxe blender accessories that aim to enhance the Vitamix experience while maintaining their essence of top-of-the-line quality and the integrity that has perpetuated their status as innovators in their industry.

Founder and President of Core Home, Alan Bram, commented on the union saying, “Vitamix has been the pinnacle of blending technology for almost 100 years. We could not be more excited to work hand in hand with a company, like Core Home, that values passion and innovation in both culture and products.” The partnership comes at an opportune time as Vitamix approaches its 100th anniversary as a distinguished blender brand, with this partnership said to be enhancing the brand's product portfolio to include hydration accessories, kitchen accouterments, and lunch bags. “We specialize in high-quality kitchenware that brings design and function to our consumers. This relationship with Vitamix will allow them to experience the reliability of Core Home and prestige of Vitamix for the ultimate kitchen experience,” says Bram, “We are looking forward to paving the way for a line of products that will capture the fundamental modernism of Core Home as well as that influential Vitamix zest.”

About Core Home

Established in 2009 by brothers Alan and Steven Bram, current Founder & President and CEO respectively, Core Home is a New York City-born industry leader in housewares that couple innovative design and high-quality materials. Core Home remains the parent company to other subsidiaries such as Manna, the notable hydration brand that curates design-centric drinkware products, as well as other kitchenware brands including Thyme & Table, Core Kitchen, and Brooklyn Steel Co.

About Vitamix

2021 marks 100 years since the founding of premier blender manufacturer, Vitamix. The brand has since become internationally recognized as the industry leader in state-of-the-art blending technology. Since establishing cutting-edge at-home blending systems, Vitamix maintains its status as an all-American household name, known for pioneering blending technology and influencing the growth of the market. Today, Vitamix is valued as a consumer brand that continues to bring powerful products to the market with an overwhelming presence in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Through their stellar technology and irrefutable reputation for quality, Vitamix has been on a mission to implement healthy, whole foods from their family tradition into that of their consumers for almost a century. This is the debut licensing agreement for the brand.

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